Turn Your CAD or 3d Modelling Skills Into a Business

Open a CreateThis Shop

What can you sell?

STL files are used by 3d printers to print 3d objects.

SCAD files are used by OpenSCAD (a free, Open Source CAD program), to generate STL files.

Just upload your STL files or SCAD files and enjoy digital sales while you sleep. There is nothing to ship. We handle everything automatically.

NOTE: CreateThis is currently in Beta. Later, we plan to sell other files and even physical goods. This is just the beginning.

Why sell on CreateThis.com?

Soon, 3d printers will be in every home, as common as InkJet printers. Prepare for this future today by creating 3d objects to sell on CreateThis.com. The Maker revolution has begun. Get started today!

Have More Questions?

How do fees work on CreateThis.com

Joining and setting up a shop on CreateThis.com is free. Each item listing on CreateThis.com is free. You set the sale price for your items. The minimum sale price is $1.49. Once a sale occurs, we keep 30% of the item’s sale price to maintain, develop, and advertise the site. You keep 70% of the sale price.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. It costs you nothing to sell your STL files on CreateThis.com. Just your time.

How do I get paid?

We'll mail you a check. When CreateThis.com is out of Beta, we will offer direct deposit and other methods of payment.