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QAV250 Lumenier Mini CM-650 Camera Mount

This is a QAV250 camera mount for the Lumenier CM-650 mini camera. It is adjustable to allow an angled camera or level camera. I spent over 8 hours developing this mount because there was nothing available to satisfy these criteria.

NOTE: This was designed for the carbon fiber QAV250 frame. I don't know if it will work for the G10 version.


  1. Remove top plate of QAV250
  2. Remove camera front plate
  3. Install two 3d printed camera mount plates (Made from this STL file) on either side of the front plate.
  4. Bolt camera to mounting plates and tighten until immobile at desired angle.
  5. Reinstall camera front plate.
  6. Reinstall QAV250 top plate.

This listing is for the digital STL file ONLY. Print it twice for a full mount (left and right sides).

If you want the SCAD source code, or a 3d printed version, Contact Us.
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