• Mr03h_microh_mounting_plate_bottom
  • Mr03h_microh_mounting_plate_iso_180
  • Mr03h_microh_mounting_plate_left
  • Mr03h_microh_mounting_plate_back
  • 11140349_10152933129986312_3637332471672247321_n
  • 11193383_10152933127181312_4995591201358326622_n
  • 11208666_10152933130476312_646444945804852164_n
  • 11150776_10152933130641312_1256274482147531392_n

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Micro-H MR-03-H Mounting Plate

This is an STL file so you can 3d Print your own MR-03-H motor mounting plate. This mounting plate adapts the 3 bolt pattern (M1.2 screws) on the MR-03-H brushless motor to fit the two bolt pattern on Micro Motor Warehouse Carbon Micro-H frame with the screws that come with that frame.

I originally designed this part with the intent that the round portion would fit into the motor hole in the Carbon Micro-H frame, but during my build I realized I get better clearance for the props if I flip it over so the round part faces up. Works fine either way, depending on prop clearance.

This is the digital download ONLY. Want us to print it for you? Click here for the 3d printed version.
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