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Arduino Nano Enclosure - Create This

This is an Arduino Nano case. Arduino Nanos are tiny! They have pins sticking up on both sides. To make matters worse, the mounting holes on the corners of the board are tiny and delicate. This makes mounting an Arduino Nano a challenge, unless you have an Arduino Nano Enclosure from Create This!

We custom designed this mounting system in OpenSCAD, just for the Arduino Nano.

All of the pins are accessible through the case, even the ICSP header on the bottom of the board.

The lid is removable WITHOUT disconnecting pins. If the ICSP header is unused, the entire Arduino Nano is removable without disconnecting pins.

The screw holes thread easily with a #6-32 screw. Try an M3 or M3.5 in metric.

Outer dimensions:

  • 1 5/16" or 33.25mm width
  • 2" or 51mm length
  • 9/16" or 14.3mm height

To 3d print your own, purchase the STL files.

If you think you want to modify the enclosure, purchase the fully parametrized SCAD source code. The source code represents about 5 hours of development work. Why waste all of that time? Buy now and spend those hours doing something fun with your Arduino Nano!

Want us to print it for you? Click here for the 3d printed version.
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