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Banebots Bearing Plate to Mad Scientist Hut MRE Breakout Board Mounting Plate

This is a mounting plate. It mates a Banebots P60 Gearbox Bearing Plate with a Mad Scientist Hut Magnetic Rotary Encoder breakout board (MRE). Four #6-32 x 1/2" screws secure the mounting plate to the bearing plate. Four tiny 5/64" wood screws secure the breakout board to the mounting plate.

Download the STL file to quickly 3d print this object. It might be helpful to feed the STL through Netfabb Studio Basic and slice it into two STL files to avoid droop and sagging.

Download the SCAD file to modify this part. The SCAD file represents about 7 hours of labor. It is fully parametrized.

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Check out a video of this part in action:
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