photo front with arduino nano and pololu md01b installed
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  • Arduino_nano_pololu_md01b_mounting_plate_front
  • Arduino_nano_pololu_md01b_mounting_plate_90_right
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Arduino Nano Pololu MD01B Combined Mounting Plate - 3D Printed

If you are using an Arduino Nano with a Pololu MD01B, this is the mounting plate for you. It includes our Create This Arduino Nano Case and our Pololu MD01B mounting plate, all as one piece. Also includes lid to secure Arduino Nano.

Screw your Arduino Nano and MD01B down and easily mount the whole panel as needed. Plastic can be drilled or glued.

Outer dimensions:

  • 2 5/8" or 66.59mm width
  • 2 1/64" or 51.17mm length
  • 17/32" or 13.51mm height with lid installed (not including screws)

Weight: 10 grams

We used #6-32 x 3/4" machine screws (4) to secure the Arduino Nano. We used 4 x 3/8" sheet metal screws (3) to secure the Pololu MD01B. Screws not included.

This is a 3d Printed part in PLA. We print it and ship it to you. No 3d Printer required.

Want to download the STL or SCAD file and print your own? Click here for the digital version.

Want the Arduino Nano Case by itself? Click here for the stand alone Arduino Nano Case.
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