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3D Printed Micro-H MR-03-H Mounting Plate

This is a complete set of four 3D Printed MR-03-H motor mounting plates This mounting plate adapts the 3 bolt pattern (M1.2 screws) on the MR-03-H brushless motor to fit the two bolt pattern on Micro Motor Warehouse Carbon Micro-H frame with the screws that come with that frame.

I originally designed this part with the intent that the round portion would fit into the motor hole in the Carbon Micro-H frame, but during my build I realized I get better clearance for the props if I flip it over so the round part faces up. Works fine either way, depending on prop clearance.

This is a 3d Printed part in PLA. We 3d print it and ship it to you. No 3d printer required.

Have a 3d printer and just want to download the STL files or SCAD files? Click here for the digital version.
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