top and bottom 3d printed iso
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  • Img_4766_(1)
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_bottom_iso_180
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_top_iso_180
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_bottom_front
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_top_front
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_bottom_left
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_top_left
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_bottom_top
  • H107c_a34_enclosure_top_top

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3d Printed H107C-A34 Enclosure

This is a 3d printed enclosure for the H107C-A34 720p camera board. The board itself normally comes with the Hubsan X4 H107C, but can be purchased separately (think: ebay). This listing is ONLY for the enclosure, not the board!

Our test unit's weight is 11.4g for top and bottom pieces with electrical tape holding them together, including the camera board, the micro SD card, one side of a velcro strip for attachment, and a soldered JST connector.

Bottom piece alone is 2.8g. Top piece alone is 2.8g. 5.6g total for both 3d printed parts.

This is a 3d Printed part in PLA. We 3d print it and ship it to you. No 3d printer required.

Have a 3d printer and just want to download the STL files? Click here for the digital version.
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