Hey, what's this all about?

Welcome to CreateThis.com! We provide a Marketplace where CAD designers and hobbyists can upload and sell 3d Models. Everyone can buy 3d Models and print, instantly, to their Desktop 3d Printer.

Can I upload Free items too?

Yes! Just use 0.00 for the Amount in the Sell tab.

What kind of 3D Printer files can I sell on CreateThis.com?

STL files and SCAD files are the most common. However, if you have some other type of file you think is relevant, let us know. It's still early days in the world of Desktop 3d Printing.

I want to create 3d Models for sale on CreateThis.com. How do I get started?

All of the tools you need are Open Source and FREE. To get started, check out our Learning section.

How long do I have to wait to Download a file?

FREE downloads are just a click away. It's instantaneous!

Paid downloads require checkout and a credit card. After payment is complete, we send an email containing the download link. It's super easy and hassle free.

Still Stumped?

Contact Us. Maybe we can help.